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Our latest game, Frequent Flyer, is available on Greenlight!

Please vote for us here: – we’re trying our best to polish it at the moment. A lot of attention goes to controls and player experience. As a huge shoot-em-up game genre fans, we do strive to deliver the best possible game we can!     

Unblocking available online

Starting today, you can play unblocking in your browser! Check it out here: We’ve also made a special group on facebook for feedback / comments / recommendations: Have fun playing and we are definitely looking forward to hearing from you!

Unblocking is here!

Our next game “Unblocking” finally hits the Google Play! Move your block towards the exit of the level in the least possible amount of moves! Download the game here:

Blades of the Righteous v1.3 is out!

The long-awaited 1.3 version of Blades of the Righteous is out! It offers significant graphical improvements. Full changelist here: The version offers faster combat, damage types and resistances, better effects and improved UI! We want to make the game better, and hopefully every iteration improves the quality of the game. Stay tuned for more updates!… Read More »

Slider Cube is out!

Great news! I’ve published our slider cube game on Google Play.  Control your cube, jump from wall to wall, get bonuses and survive for as long as possible! Action and action only – I’ve tried to make controls very sensitive. Tap to jump from wall to wall, the cube follows the tap in the vertical direction (if… Read More »

Wild West Pigeon Lite version is out!

After we’ve seen that the game did not spike enough interest on Steam platform, we’ve decided to cut some features and polish the version for publishing on Android devices. Here it is: Wild West Pigeon on Play Market. Absolutely free! If you’ve found some issues or want any new features added – feel free to… Read More »

Blades of the Righteous v1.2 is out

Great news! Blades of the Righteous v1.2 is out on Steam: it includes various bugfixes and ui adjustments, as well as new late-game content: Gray Order thugs and Elemental Challenges. Full patch-notes here: And as usual – do let us know if there are any issues that needs addressing or improvements that you’d like to see. See you… Read More »